Friday, March 28, 2014

Teach us to pray 21

Creative prayer

To read more about Creative prayer see Monday's post here.

Memory Book

An exercise that is sometime used to help people deal with bereavement is to make a memory book or box, gathering things together that remind them of the person they have lost. Sometimes parents or grandparents of young children might make one if they know they are dying, so that the child will have something to hold onto of them when they die.
But why confine this to such tragic circumstances.

Today's suggestion is that you think about what you would put in a memory book or box to sum up your life so far. (You could even make a memory book or box if you have time).

Think through your life. What are the key things, the important people, the events that changed your life for good or ill, the decisions, good and bad, which shaped you? What would you want to leave with those you love or bequeath to the future from your life?

As you ponder them ask God whether there is any "unfinished business" you need to deal with, or things you wanted to do which you have been putting off.

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