Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hymn reflection: All are welcome and Alleluia, Alleluia

Since everyone seemed to enjoy our Lenten series of Hymn reflections, I thought I would occasionally share a hymn or two which we were going to sing in worship on the coming Sunday. This Sunday, we'll be singing a modern hymn which has become a favourite at Seal, "Let us build a house" - otherwise known by its refrain "all are welcome."
It was written by Marty Haugen, and it pretty much encapsulates what (we hope! ) we are about at Seal Church. We have our Annual Parochial Church meeting on Sunday after church, so it seemed like the right time to set out one of our foundational commitments as a church - to be a place where everyone is included and valued, with precious gifts to give.

The second hymn I have shared is the one which will open our worship on Sunday, "Alleluia, Alleluia, hearts to heaven and voices raise".
I don't think we can provide trumpets and drums, but we can do our best to sing this fine Easter hymn with gusto! I love the reminder in its second verse that "Christ is risen, we are risen". Resurrection isn't just about what happened thousands of years ago to Jesus, but what can happen in our lives every day if we let it.
You can find it on Youtube here https://youtu.be/7ezuuH7fKYo The words are by Christopher Wordsworth, an Anglican bishop, (and nephew of the poet William Wordsworth) and the music is by Arthur Sullivan - of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. He composed a number of hymn tunes. (http://gsarchive.net/sullivan/hymns/) some of which are stirring and singable.

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