Monday, August 31, 2020

Scarecrow trail

We've had 14 entries for our Scarecrow trail this year. Can you find them. Some of them are on the map below, but we had some late entries which aren't on it, so you may find more! Below you'll find some questions to answer as you go round.
Scarecrow Trail 2020
The questions are in no particular order, feel free to take any route around the village. Please be aware of traffic at all times and cross any roads safely. We have 11 scarecrows as of Thursday evening.
1. The Fantastic Mr Fox is having a cheeky rest at the bottom of Middle lane, how many brass buttons on his waistcoat. Who wrote Fantastic Mr Fox?
2. Peter Pan has come to rest on a fence in Park Lane. The profits from J M Barrie’s book supports a London Hospital, which one? Peter also has a _ _ _ feather in his cap!
3. A Modern Day Shakespeare in Church Street, what is he holding in his left hand?
4. In the high street is Flo, our superhero nurse and what a job they’ve been doing for us. What colour are her tights?
5. Mary Poppins in Childsbridge Lane, near the Sheilings is P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ in E_ _ _ _ W_ _.
6. St Peter and St Paul standing near the Lychgate in the churchyard each have a symbol, what are they?
7. Sam or is it Boris? Our smallest scarecrow doesn’t like the rain, he’s on a windowsill in Jubilee Rise! He has a mouse in his hat but what sort of mini beast is on his shoe?
8. A giant is standing over a town in Childsbridge Lane near the zebra crossing, but what time is it according to the church clock?
9. In Church Farm garden, next to the church the scarecrow is holding a placard what does it say?
10. Gangster Granny also in the High Street is wearing her jewels, what colours are they?
11. A witch sits outside Coldbreaths the butchers in the High Street, her dress is decorated with a ……..

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