Monday, December 17, 2018

Advent Angels 17

In this passage, Jesus tells his disciples that, though the priorities of the world in which they live don’t apply in the kingdom of heaven. In a society which gave very little value to young children, he proclaims that it is children, and others who are vulnerable, who come top of God’s agenda. Their angels stand before God in heaven, in the front row, so to speak ; God notices them above all others, and so should those who follow him.

In an age in which the enormous extent of the abuse of children – common throughout history – has been increasingly coming to light in all sections of society, including the church, this passage is especially powerful. Attitudes which idolise and prioritise the mighty  which were common in Jesus’ time is still common today. It is often hard to hear for the quiet voices of those who have little influence. Jesus reminds us, though, that while they may not have the world’s ear, God does not miss a single cry for help from them.

·         When you were a child, do you recall times when you felt your voice was not heard, or when it did not occur to you to speak up?

·         Think of any children in your life now – family, friends, church members. How well do you really know them? How often do you get down to their level and really listen to what they are saying?

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