Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Advent Angels 18

The book of Revelation was written by an early Christian leader, exiled on the island of Patmos, who seems to have been responsible for a group of seven churches in what is now western Turkey. Unable to be with them anymore, he has a vision in which he is told by “one like a Son of Man” to send messages to the “angels” of each church.

The word “angel” here is ambiguous. What does John mean? Does he imagine that each church has a guardian angel, or is this “angel” somehow the essence of the church, its spirit? Could it even be that the messages are for human messengers who will take them to the churches concerned? We don’t know, but the clear implication is that though he can’t be there with these groups of Christians, they are not alone. They are watched over and remembered by God.

·         We hear the messages God wants to send to each of John’s churches, but what might the message be that the “angel” of our church might deliver? What might we need to hear?

·          How does it change the way we feel about our church to think that there is an angel of God watching over it? Might it make us take ourselves more seriously as a Christian community?

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