Sunday, December 23, 2018

Advent Angels 23

The story of the birth of Jesus is told in Matthew’s Gospel mainly through the eyes of Joseph. An angel announces to him that Mary will bear a son, despite them not being married yet, and that he should not cast her aside. After the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi, an angel warns him that Herod is searching for the child to kill him and that he should take Mary and Jesus to Egypt (2.13). Finally an angel tells him when it is safe to return (2.19)

We often dismiss dreams as mere mental junk that is rattling round our heads,  and perhaps we are sometimes right to do so, but in the ancient world they were taken very seriously as ways in which God, or the gods, communicated with people. All the angelic appearances to Joseph happen in dreams. Fortunately, he takes notice of them, as they contain vital messages which enable him to keep Mary and Jesus safe.

·         Do you often recall your dreams? Have you ever found messages in them which were important for you?

Imagine you are Joseph, often the overlooked member of the Holy Family. How do you feel as the story of the birth of Jesus unfolds? What kind of person are you? What motivates you to take on the burden of the birth of this child who is not even your own, biologically speaking?

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