Monday, December 02, 2019

2 ....was the Word...

Words are powerful things. Through our  words we express who we are and what we care about, letting others see us and know us. Those who lose the power of speech, or can’t speak clearly, can feel cut off, unable to tell people what they want or what they think about what is happening to or around them. John tells us that in Jesus, God expresses himself to the world, not just through the actual words Jesus speaks but through his whole life, his death and his resurrection. We will come back to this idea of the word and what it can do in a few days’ time!

Have you ever been in a position where you couldn’t speak, through illness or because you were silenced by others, or unable to find the words to say what you wanted to? What did it feel like?
Who might you need to listen carefully to today, so that their voices are heard?
How do you listen for the voice of God? How do you know when you hear it?

Go outside today and spend a minute in silence, just listening to the sounds you can hear around you. I wonder what God might be saying through them? 

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