Thursday, December 05, 2019

5. What has come into being in him was life,

In John’s Gospel, Jesus says that he has come to bring “life in all its fullness” or “abundant life” (John 10.10) Shortly afterwards we hear the story of Jesus raising Lazarus to life after he has died (John 11). People also find life in Jesus in other ways. A Samaritan woman,  an outcast within her community, is given back her dignity and her self-respect by Jesus (John 4). Jesus takes one small boy’s lunch and feeds a crowd of thousands with it – food is basic to life (John 6). At the end of the Gospel, Jesus himself is raised from death, and in that resurrection his disciples find new life and hope. In these stories we start to see what “life in all its fullness” might mean.


When do you feel most “alive”?
How “alive” do you feel at the moment?
What might you need to do to find the life that Jesus promises today?


Spend a few minutes sitting still. Be aware of your body and how it is feeling right now. See if you can find your own pulse. If you can, find someone else’s pulse, or listen to their heartbeat. Say thank you to God for being alive today!

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