Monday, December 23, 2019

23. …the glory as of a father's only son...

Christians believe that Jesus revealed the glory of his Father in a unique and complete way in the world. He was God made visible, the perfect image of his Father. Yesterday’s reflection reminded us, though, that “glory” in John’s Gospel is linked not with kingly splendour but with suffering love, so today’s phrase is a poignant one. It reminds us of the closeness of Jesus’ relationship with his Father, the love which is at the heart of the Godhead, and therefore the cost of Jesus’ self-sacrifice on the cross. If we love someone, we will do almost anything to prevent their suffering. It can be unbearably hard for us to watch someone we love struggle, and yet people cannot be who they were meant to be, cannot have life at all, without the risk of pain and sorrow. In Jesus, God gives away what is most precious to him, because he knows that the world needs to see his love embodied in Jesus, no matter what that might cost.

Have you ever had to watch someone you love struggle or suffer in order for them to do what they felt called to do? (Imagine what Greta Thunberg or Malala Yousafzai’s parents might feel?) How did you feel and what did you do in that situation?
Have you ever had to give up or give away something that is precious to you? What do you feel about that now?
What do you think people saw in Jesus that made them feel that they were looking at God?

Draw a heart shape and write or draw in it what you think love looks like? Who loves and cares for you? Who do you love and care for?

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