Saturday, March 10, 2018

Coming to our senses - Week Three - Smell

Weekend – In the church

Spend some time in church over the weekend, either at a service or on your own.  Churches often have a distinctive smell. Some might smell of incense or candles. Others might smell of damp or furniture polish or flowers.

·         What does the church you are in smell of?
·         How do you feel about using incense in worship? The smoke is meant to remind us of our prayers ascending to heaven?
·         Why do you like or not like it?
·         Scented “oil of chrism” is used at baptisms, the same oil as is used at coronations and ordinations, times when people are given new jobs to do. The smell of the oil is supposed to remind them, and others who smell it, of the ministry they will have spreading out into the world. What impact do you think your life has on those around you? 

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