Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Coming to our senses - Week Three - Smell

Wednesday – Others

People smell different from one another. After a bereavement it is very common for people to want to hold or sleep with an item of clothing that their loved one wore, and babies who need to be cared for in incubators are sometimes given blankets which their mothers have worn next to their skin because the familiar smell soothes them.

·         Could you recognise friends or family members by their smell? (Don’t go and sniff at them to see – they may take offence!)
·         Are there perfumes or specific smells which remind you of people you have known in the past –a perfume, or a smell associated with their work, perhaps?

·         Homelessness, poverty or illness may make it difficult for people to keep themselves clean. Pray for those who feel stigmatised or shunned because of their smell. What might help them? 

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