Saturday, March 03, 2018

Coming to our senses - Week Two - Hearing

Weekend – In the church

Spend some time in church over the weekend, either at a service or on your own.

·         What does the church sound like? (Even the silence in an empty church often has a distinctive sound!)
·         If you are in a service of worship, what sounds do you hear that tell you that this is a special occasion in a special place – music, words that you wouldn’t hear in other settings, bells etc. How do these things help you to listen for the voice of God? If you are in church on your own, how is the church building helping you to be still and listen to God?
·         If you are in a service, be aware of those around you, singing, speaking, chatting before and after the service, children playing. Give thanks for them.
·         Are there noises which distract you and make it harder to listen? 

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