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Worship podcast and other news: Dec 19


Join us for worship online, on the phone or in the building today. 

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Worship podcast       Order of service
You can also access this podcast by phoning 01732 928061
There will be podcast worship for Christmas Day, but no podcast on Boxing Day. 

In the church building today - Dec 19
10 am   Holy Communion
3.30pm Carol service, beginning with congregational carols outside the church, then moving inside with the crib figures for some music from the choir and a congregational carol to end.

During the week
Monday             11.15 Funeral: Debra Bull

Wednesday            10am Zoom Church
                                 7.15 pm Adult Choir

Friday              9.30 am Morning Prayer in Church 
                           10.30-12.30 Friday Group in the church hall

In the church building (all plans subject to last minute change if necessary)
Christmas Eve

3-5pm - Drop in to church to see the crib, receive a prayer of blessing from the vicar if you would like, add a prayer star to the Christmas tree and take home some family craft activities. 

9pm - The First Holy Communion of Christmas (no Midnight Mass this year). Carols from the choir from 8.30pm

Christmas Day
10 am  - All Age Communion for Christmas Day with a story in place of a sermon 

Boxing Day (Sunday Dec 26)

10 am   Holy Communion
NO evening service on Boxing Day

Advent 4

Today's Gospel reading includes Mary's famous song, commonly known as the Magnificat, which is said or sung at every service of Evening Prayer. It is a radical proclamation of God's priorities, in which the poor are lifted up and the mighty put down from their thrones. Today's sermon explores a little more what it might have been like to proclaim such a thing in the first century.

The photo above was taken by me, in Sepphoris, 4 miles from Nazareth, which you can see on the hillside in the distance.


  • What do you think of when you hear the word "Justice"? Have you ever had to stand up for something that was right when others were doing wrong? What did it feel like. 
  • What do you think it would have been like to be Mary? Draw a picture of her the way you imagine her. You might like to have a look at the pictures of her I have been sharing on our church blog.
Today's Gospel story retold.
Luke 2. 41-52
This Advent we are concentrating on stories featuring Mary.The final story in our series featuring Mary is that of her visit with Joseph and Jesus to the Temple when Jesus was twelve years old. At that age, Jewish males were deemed to be old enough to take on adult responsibility for keeping the religious law. Jesus was, in some sense, grown up. As every  parent will know, however, that doesn't stop you worrying when they go missing. In Luke's Gospel this is the first time we hear Jesus speak, and his message is clear. He isn't just their son, but the Son of God, with loyalties which will go beyond his family. 
  • Who do you empathise most with in this story? 
Please note: we have decided to stop serving refreshments after church for the time being.

Today at 3.30pm     CAROL SERVICE - Please note the earlier time than our usual carol service!
Starting outside the church with some congregational carols, then coming inside for music from the choir and a final carol.  There will be a few folding chairs available in the churchyard for those who can't stand for long, but please come prepared for rain, as we will sing outside whatever the weather!
  • 3-5PM CRIB EVENT. Drop in between 3 & 5pm to see the crib, add a prayer to the tree and pick up a family Christmas activity bag.
  • 9pm  HOLY COMMUNION Note the time! The first Communion of Christmas, with carols and music from the choir. This replaces the Midnight service.
  • 10 am HOLY COMMUNION An All Age communion service with a story in place of a sermon.
All arrangements provisional depending on government advice.  Facemasks required in church unless exempt.

RECRUITING We shall need a new Treasurer VERY SOON and a new churchwarden next year. Can you help? Role descriptions for these jobs are on the board at the back of church, and I will be happy to chat with you if you think these roles might be for you.  
ADVENT WINDOWS Each day from Dec 1 a new Advent Window is being revealed somewhere around the village. The list of windows is available on the church lychgate or on the blog .  Each window has a letter in it. If you can find them all, and unscramble them, you will find that they spell out a Christmas Carol. 

For more community news from Marion Gilchrist, check out the Know Your Neighbours blog.
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